St James Catholic Parish & Beehive Staff

From January 2023, the fees for Mother Teresa Catholic Nursery School, St Kizito Catholic Primary School and Carlo Acutis Catholic High School will be reduced to match the market rate in the area on a long-term basis. 

Full Fees as of Jan 2024
MK70,000 per month 

Jan  2024 scholarship rate for Employees & St James Parish
MK45,000 with food 

Full Fees as of Jan 2024
MK275,000 per term 

Jan  2024 scholarship rate for Employees & St James Parish
MK140,000 with food 

Full Fees as of Jan 2023
MK325,000 per term

Jan 2024 scholarship rate for Employees & St James Parish
MK175,000 with food 


Q: What if a child who is in St James Parish moves outside of the parish or a member of staff leaves?

A: The place is still available to the child at the scholarship rate until the child has completed at that particular school, but new siblings are not considered for the St James Scholarship. If a child is at St Kizito, they access the scholarship until they complete at that school but then would not be eligible for Carlo Acutis.  

Q: Cycle of Good children were eligible, but what now?  

A: Children of staff from any Beehive Partner Organisations can benefit from the scholarship including Torrent, Cycle of Good and Woza Woza. 

Q: When will it start 

A: 1st January 2023. 

Q: Form 2 have already registered for JCE – are there places for form 2?  

A: No, but these children will be able to benefit from Form 3 in October2023. 

Q: How many places are available:  

A: 151 places for St Kizito Std. 1-5 and 43 places for Carlo Acutis. 


Q: What about the St James Parish and staff children who are already paying full fees?  

A: They will be eligible for the scholarship from January.

Q: I already have a discount as a member of staff, is the in addition to that discount?  

A: This staff scholarship replaces the existing scheme. Ony one scholarship or discount may be used at any time. 

Q: Is there a limit to a number of children?  

A: No, there is no limit as long as they are biological children or legally adopted children. Children who are just staying with staff or parishioners or else nephews, nieces and dependants are not eligible.

Q: What if more people apply than there are places available?

A: Places will be allocated in line with the admission policy, please refer to the admission policy on